Road to becoming a Millionaire — Whales Show High Interest in These Top Crypto Coins Ahead of the Bull Season

Although the crypto market performance has not been impressive for some days, there is still a high level of optimism among investors as speculations of an upcoming bull run continue to make waves in the market. Among the tokens that whales are showing interest in is Rollblock, which is set to change the igaming market dynamics through its AI-driven and iGaming ecosystem. Meanwhile, Hedera and Optimism are other top crypto coins with a high potential of triggering a rally soon. As such, experts pick them as the best cryptos to buy now. 

Rollblock Set To Change the Igaming Market Dynamic

Rollblock is a new iGaming ecosystem set to revolutionize the igaming market and make it more appealing. Using its innovative iGaming ecosystem, Rollblock will ensure that major issues encountered igames are resolved. With Blockchain technology, Rollblock will ensure that all transactions are permanent and immutable. 

This action makes it hard to alter bets when placed. Rollblock will also ensure that all transactions are encrypted with blockchain technology to protect players’ data and assets. The ecosystem is designed to accommodate large audiences, solving major scalability issues. With issues of rigorous KYC, Rollblock is easy to join as no KYC is needed. 

Meanwhile, the Rollblock profit-sharing model is seen as the best across the crypto market. It entails that up to 30% of the weekly revenue is used to buy back tokens from the open market. Half is used as a staking reward, with the rest burned to stabilize the price. This singular act has triggered massive positive projections, making RBLK the best crypto coin to buy now. 

Notably, the Rollblock native token, RBLK, is just in stage 3 of the presale and sold for $0.014. Having moved from $0.01 to the current price, it means early buyers have generated 40% ROI. With plans to list in CEX exchanges in Q3, analysts believe the ROI will hit 500% in Q3, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now. Meanwhile, the RBLK platform is fully licensed and operational. So, you can join now. 

Hedera Price Falls — Is a Resurgence Imminent?

Hedera is a popular enterprise-grade public network for a decentralized economy that permits users and businesses to build powerful dApps. Although quite useful for developers, the token’s market activity has not been impressive for weeks. Having gained 63% in the past year, the Hedera price has dropped by 34% in the past week. 

The technical analysis shows that Hedera market sentiment is bearish with the Fear and Greed index showing Fears (37), signaling a massive selloff. Also, Hedera has just seen only 9 green days in the past 30 days. However, analysts argue that now is the best time to buy the dip. As such, with the rising Hedera trading volume, the HBAR token has the potential to trigger massive rallies soon. This makes it one of the best cryptos to buy and HODL. 

Optimism Price Prediction – Can It Retest the $4.85 ATH

In terms of crypto market performance in Q1, Optimism is one of the standout top crypto coins that experienced massive rallies in the past months, pushing the OP price to a record $4.85 in March. While holders were optimistic of a breakthrough of the $5 resistance trendline, the bears struck, pushing the Optimism price downwards. 

However, the token is showing signs of a rally with the booming Optimism trading volume. Zooming in, Optimism market sentiment is bearish as the coin has dropped below the $2 mark. The Optimism token also trades below the 50-day and 200-day SMAs. However, analysts believe that the token will rebound soon. As such, a retest of the $4.85 ATH is possible in the bull cycle.

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